22 Push Ups To Benefit Military Veterans

22 Push Ups 3-28-14

“Drop and give me 22!” Can you do 22 push-ups? We’re not even sure we could all in one go, but one woman is issuing a challenge to help reduce veteran suicide.

Julie Hersh, author of Struck By Living, issued a challenge. Every day, 22 veterans will take their life. Hersh wants people to video themselves doing 22 push-ups, one for every veteran, and post it to the Honor Courage Commitment’s Facebook page, and she will donate $100 from her Hersh Foundation up to $100,000!

We felt up to the challenge, so all of us got on the floor in the studio and got to it! Tony, Julie, John, and Steve Kemble all did 22 push-ups… well maybe. We gave it a good try, and by our counts, that’s $400!!

Web Girl Leslie wanted to help out too! Check out her girly 22 push-ups HERE!


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