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She Mail: Woman Runs Into Ex At Cher Concert

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Julie Fisk is here to help. If you’ve need advice or want us to hash out a problem on the air for you, let Julie share some of her wisdom.

Here’s what our She Mailers are asking this morning:

Jennifer writes:

“Hey Julie!

Mother of 5, married for 15 years. My husband travels on business a lot and has for years. But the last few months he has seemed really off. He hasn’t been himself, isn’t as intimate, seems to do a lot more work at home, etc. Well this last time he went out of town he said he was going to St. Louis for some meetings, but I got into his email after he left and saw that his hotel reservation confirmation was actually in New Orleans, where he traveled too about 3 months ago.

Long story short when I called him and asked him what hotel he was staying in he said he couldn’t remember, it was a weird one the boss booked and fot really weird and said he was really busy. I know what’s going on. Do I confront when he gets home, or do a lil more investigative work to have to present so there is no room for him to try to worm out of this.

Thanks Julie! Love you guys!

Candice writes:

“Hey Julie!

HELP! So my girlfriends and I went to the Cher show tonight and it was incredible. However the problem was I ran into a guy that I dated for about 8 months and was hard core in love with him. I thought he was the one. He told me that he was having a tough time getting over his ex that he has just broken up with when I first met him. It was heartbreaking.

He told me he just needed to step back and disappear and find himself and would circle back around and see where things were. Well he was there last night. I didn’t know how to react and as he walked by I called out his name and he stopped and the guy he was with did too. It was very awkward. He wasn’t himself and the guy he was with had this look of “who is this chick?” the entire time.

I am a very opened minded person and I am pretty sure the guy he was with was gay and I have no clue who he was and I thought I had met all his friends. My mind is clearly racing. What is going on? I don’t want to assume, but hard not too. Thoughts? Advice?”

Holly writes:

“Hi Tony, Julie & John!

You guys crack me up and I listen every single day.

I have been married to the same man for 15 years. I have been 100% his the entire time. Well I got a new boss about a month ago and he has not intentionally hit on me at all, however I have built really strong feelings for him. Like REALLY strong feelings and I feel horrible because my husband has been amazing. But they say that your “true love is out there” and I thought my husband was, but now I am wondering if this is actually the one.

I have actually thought about how the process of divorce would go and I’m ok with it. What do I do Julie? I think this guy is into me. It’s very much a Christian Grey Scenario.


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