VIDEO: Someone Farted At Obama Press Conference

Press Conference Fart 3-26-14

President Obama was at a joint press conference with Dutch Prime Minister Rutte in the Netherlands when something unexpected happened… Someone farted.

The unexpected flatulence comes at a pause early in PM Rutte’s speech, and it was caught in the audio of the video posted to the White House Youtube account. Check it out at 1:22.

That lead us to share some our embarrassing stories of farting in public.

Tony told us a story from when he was in school. He had to let one rip, but an earthquake drill started. As he was crawled under his desk, it snuck out. Of course, one of his classmates loudly called him out on it.

John was sitting front row at a church where his dad was preaching. He broke wind loud enough for his dad to hear from the pulpit, and his dad called him out in the middle of the sermon. All the old people in the church came up to John after the sermon to sympathize.

Press Conference Fart Cont'd 3-26-14


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