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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (37)

I recently caught up on House of Cards on Netflix, and I was cringing within the first scene. SPOILER ALERT: Hearing the telltale sounds of tires screeching followed by a dog yelping, I silently prayed to the movie Gods that the poor pup would survive.  (As if my mental conjuring could alter an entire series!) To make matters worse, having to watch Frank Underwood “handle” the situation made me hide my tail between my legs. I had a similar reaction when Raymond Tusk murdered one of his beloved birds in season two. I know it sounds awful, but it’s easier for me to see a person die on film than a pet. I rationalize that the humans are just actors using special effects, but with animals it’s so much harder to fathom.

Enter This website is a must for mutt-loving movie-goers. Much like the “No Animals Were Harmed” disclaimer during credits, DTDD offers a simple icon warning viewers of any potential four-legged violence. As Huffington Post put it, this is a “much appreciated public service.” They don’t list television shows (yet), but it’s definitely worth a visit before renting a pay-per-view flick or scrolling through Cinemax. Your pooch will thank you.

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