Things Women Do That Guys Don’t Know About

Things Women Do Men Don't Know 3-26-14

To men, women are enigmas. Their emotions are undecipherable, their words wrought with hidden meanings, and their preparation process a G-14 Top Secret classified operation. recently let the cat out of the bag by revealing 20 secrets of things women do that men don’t know about. Well it seems they do now. Here’s a few from the list:

  • Wearing the same bra for an undetermined amount of time… or until it smells.
  • Holding their boobs while running up or down stairs.
  • Waiting to shave their legs until a fancy night out requires a razor.
  • Stabbing themselves in the eye with the mascara wand.
  • Squatting like a baseball catcher to stretch out freshly-washed jeans.
  • Doing shower math to determine how much longer they can sleep before getting up or if they should skip the shower, sleep in, and just put their hair up in a bun.
  • Scratching back and belly during the post-bra-removal stretch.

Read more from the list HERE.

We handed it over to the ladies to confess their secrets this morning, and we got some pretty awesome responses. Check them out!

Things Women Do Men Don't Know Cont'd 3-26-14


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