Dallas Pizzeria Cane Rosso Bans Ranch Dressing As A Joke

Cane Rosso Ranch Ban 3-25-14

We all have our weird food combos, but one local restauranteur wants to ban one in particular from his restaurants. Jay Jerrier of Cane Rosso has caused an international stir with a joke prohibiting patrons from adding ranch dressing to pizzas coming out of his kitchen.

It’s all a bit tongue-in-cheek, reports Eater National, but the joke started with a bottle of ranch dressing in a display case with a note telling patrons that they’d have to pay $1,000 to put the dressing on their pizza. While it’s nothing serious, Jerrier says they don’t often get requests for ranch dressing.

It sparked a debate amongst us about what food combos drive us nuts. Tony thinks ranch dressing on pizza is so very wrong.

Cane Rosso Ranch Ban Cont'd 3-25-14


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