Paying More Attention To Your Smartphone Could Damage Your Relationships

It’s the thing that causes more strife in relationships than anything right now. Smartphones. That little device in your hand could spell trouble in your relationship if you’re giving more attention to it than your significant other.

According to the Daily Beast, a recent study shows that people that ignore their partners while on smartphones could find themselves in hot water. 89% of people polled said that they experienced damaged relationships with spouses, partners, friends, and family due to inattentiveness directly related to smartphone use.

Some people combat the smartphone problem by having tech-free quality time. Julie says that the dinner table is a tech-free zone where it’s just the four of them eating and talking about what’s going on. When Tony is out to dinner with friends, they stack their phones in the center of the table, and the first person to reach for their phone pays the check.


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