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She Mail: Mother Worried After Finding Cigarettes In Teen Daughter’s Car

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Here are the letters we got from our SheMailers this morning:

Janice writes:

Julie, Julie, Julie…

I have a 17-year-old daughter and last week we swapped cars so I could take hers in to get an oil change and inspection. Well I thought I was being a good mom by also taking it to get cleaned and detailed. Well before running it through the car wash, I cleaned out the trash and when I went through the center console I came across a pack of cigarettes and a lighter.

I freaked out, but I am a former smoker and know that you can smell smoke on people, so I thought maybe it was just one of her friends. I haven’t addressed it yet, but wanted to see what your thoughts were. Do I approach like I know it’s her or ask whose cigarettes they were?


Kim writes:

Hey Julie,

I have a real dilemma. My 12 year old daughter has become rather thick through the middle since last summer. I know from raising her older sister that girls sometimes go through that stage around this age.

My biggest obstacle seems to be the looming swimsuit season. She already used her own money to purchase a new 2 piece swimsuit for summer. The biggest problem I have is telling her that it is not becoming on her.

Yes, we have always allowed her to have 2 piece swimsuits that are cute and not revealing so I really cannot use the excuse of “we can only wear 1 piece suits”.

How on earth do I handle this with tact and not make her overly conscious of her body? God forbid I say something that would lead to an eating disorder but I don’t want anyone to make fun of her either.

Do I let her wear it and say nothing or do I address it?

Anonymous writes:

My family is extremely messed up, and we have issues with each other and I am the youngest.

I can’t stand being mad at someone for too long, but my brother and dad is mad that I moved to Texas and I’m only 19.

They haven’t talked to me too much and I finally talked to them and all it was, was yelling and fighting. It broke my heart.

I want to fix this but they live in California. I fear something will happen and my last words to them was that my dad was a bad father and I told my brother he was a coke addict.

What do I do??

Here’s what Julie had to say about this morning’s She Mail questions.

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