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Julie’s Review Room: Divergent

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(Getty Images/Jason Kempin)

(Getty Images/Jason Kempin)

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New in theaters this week we have “Divergent,” which is based on the best-selling Young-Adult novel of the same name. It’s about a society divided into factions, and what happens to those who don’t fit in, like our main character Tris.

She is hunted down until she thankfully finds a mentor-slash-love-interest who guides her away from certain death. Yes, it’s all very confusing and sadly the story doesn’t transition well from page to screen. Characters become one-dimensional, much is left unexplained and the futuristic vision of Chicago feels about as real as a video game. The biggest draw of the book for me though, was the love story and here “Divergent” does not disappoint. Shailene Wooley is all wide-eyed vulnerability as Triss but I’m an even bigger fan of her ally Four, played by Theo James. That dude is a heartthrob just waiting to happen! “Divergent” completely runs out of steam by the final act, but as a fan of the book, I enjoyed seeing it onscreen enough to give it a C+. Hopefully they’ll work out the kinks in time for Part 2, “Insurgent,” which should be out this time next year.

And don’t forget that 2 of my FAVORITES are now out on DVD. “American Hustle” didn’t win at the Oscars but it’s still a blast. I gave that one an A & my number 1 movie of 2013, “Frozen” is now out on DVD. Buy it, watch it & then post YOUR version of “Let it Go” on YouTube because that’s what everyone else is doing.

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