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She Mail: Woman Fears Her Jealous Habits Could Ruin Another Relationship

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Here are the letters we got from our SheMailers this morning:

Joanna writes:

Confession time! I have had a history of ruining relationships in the past because of my jealous nature. I have a successful career in finance and am in a GREAT relationship and I don’t want to screw this up. I am awful to him if we’re watching TV and I think he finds some woman attractive. I get really worked up. Also, he has guys night once a week and I drive him mad by sending tons of texts making sure he’s responding and sometimes I will even call him and if he answers and it’s noisy and he can’t hear me i assume he doesn’t want to talk.

We usually end up in an argument when he gets back and EVERY TIME I regret it after but I can’t seem to stop!


Annie writes:

I’m a bridesmaid in my girlfriend’s wedding, and we are planning her shower in April. She insists on having a co-ed bridal shower, and I think it’s a bad idea. First of all, what guys want to go to a shower? None that I know of. And second, what about girls who don’t have a guest to invite? It puts undue pressure on everyone going! What are all the guys going to do while the girls ooh and ahh over place settings?
I told my friend if she really wants to throw a co-ed shower then she needs to forego doing all the traditional girly stuff, including games, the bow bouquet, and even frilly decor. She seems to think nothing has to change. What is the etiquette for throwing a co-ed shower? Is this even a good idea? Have you ever been to a co-ed shower? If you have did you like it or should I push hard to get my friend to have a girl’s only party? Please help!

Samantha writes:

I went on a date with this guy and we had a good time but I just don’t think he’s the guy for me.
But ever since the date he’s been hounding me for a second one.
I was honest and told him that I just didn’t think that there was any chemistry, but he is literally BEGGING me for a second date.
I’m really not interested, but he just won’t let up. I guess he’s just trying to wear me down to see if I give in.
Should I just give up and let him take me out again, or should I stand my ground and tell him to beat it?

Here’s what Julie had to say about this morning’s She Mail questions.

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