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Zazza & Julie Madlib An Angry Facebook Rant

One of Julie’s Facebook friends posted the most epic rant on Facebook recently. It was so colorfully worded that Facebook pulled it off her wall. That didn’t stop Julie from capturing the post and setting it up for MadLib awesomeness.

Here is the post in all it’s fun Madlibbed glory:

“To my friends-Sorry for the dongling rant but To all u squattered up jealous rectories , kerfuffle U ALL!!! I LOVE Greg Hardin (and she tagged him so he could be part of the party) AND U CANT kumquatting SAY ANYTHING TO Honey bunny CHANGE THIS !!!! Just mollycoddling TRY! Go take ur gossiping penalized-up kerfuffle and say it to my Lollygagging face!!!

I AINT SCARED U loquaciousdipthonged UP squatter who CANT even SAY WHO YOU indubitably ARE!!! I live my life open and fluffing honest and I am happy and NO ONE WILL ratchet THIS UP-SO IF U TRY I WILL hashtag you UP!!!! I WILL MEET U ANYWHERE AND TEAR THAT dipstick DOWN. Yes that’s right baby, the Ford F-1-50 is in the house, so get flittertygibbiting ready!”

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