Ex-Texas Ranger Ian Kinsler Voices Thoughts On His Former Boss

Kinsler's Big Mouth

Honk! Honk! Former Texas Ranger 2nd-baseman Ian Kinsler seems to have taken a page out of Josh Hamilton’s book and let his true feelings fly in a recent interview. The newest Detroit Tiger said he hoped his former team went 0-162 for the season because GM Jon Daniels is a “sleazeball,” according to CBS Sports.

Kinsler should know better than to mess with Texas. In any case, you never want to throw the ex-boss under the bus so soon after getting canned, but it just feels so good. We opened up the phones lines to let listeners rat out their old bosses on the Sour Grapes Hotline.

Throwing The Boss Under The Bus

We didn’t expect this call from “Mel” about someone in our building!

Throwing Boss Under Bus - Mel


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