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She Mail: Woman Waiting On Married Man To Leave Wife

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Miranda writes:

I’m 23 and my boyfriend and I have been together for about a year and a half. He’s about to move in with me and things are great in our relationship, except for one thing: My family — my entire family — can’t stand him! They practically staged an intervention last week urging me not to move in with him, claiming it would be the biggest mistake of my life!

I understand that they are just looking out for me, but I’m happy with my guy. they are upset because he is unemployed and has been for the entire time we’ve been dating, and I pretty much pay for everything. They think he is mooching off me and are mad that I would move in with him when he doesn’t contribute at all.

Should I listen to my family and consider breaking up with my boyfriend because they don’t like him, or should I do what makes me happy? Are they seeing issues with the relationship that I can’t see because I’m in it? I don’t know what to do! Would you break up with your boyfriend if your whole family had an issue with him? Please help!

Christine writes:

Love the show! Need some help… I’ve known my fiancé for 6 months. We hit it off immediately and he moved in almost right away. We’re both in late 40s and I’ve been married before but he hasn’t. I have a 13-year-old daughter. My little perfect world is starting to stir and we are 3 months from our wedding.

He has since lost his job, hasn’t had much luck finding a new one, but because of that he is around the house more and my 13-year-old admitted to me she can’t stand him and doesn’t want me to marry him. I have since started having panic attacks and bad dreams. My daughter is everything. Should I step back and put this on hold? Help!

Claira writes:

I am sure I am going to have some haters but I am being completely honest and really need to know what to do. I am that woman who fell in love with her married boss. He’s a wonderful man. We do so much together. Go to fab restaurants, attend great events. He has a condo here in Dallas but lives in OKC with his wife and 2 kids and commutes during the week.

When he was first hired he talked about their marriage being on the rocks. It’s the only reason I allowed myself to get involved and fall for him. I never would have tried to “steal” someones husband, but if they aren’t happy, why can’t I be? Anyway, it’s been 8 months and still nothing. How long should I wait? Is this ever really going to happen?

Here’s what Julie had to say about this morning’s She Mail questions.

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