Oscars Pizza Guy Gets Huge Tip From Ellen Degeneres

Oscar Pizza Guy and Pharrell's Hat

No one will forget when Ellen Degeneres ordered pizza and had it delivered to the Oscars. She even brought the pizza delivery guy out on stage and helped pass out pizza to the celebrities in the audience.

New York Daily Times reports that Degeneres had the pizza guy on her talk show yesterday and gave him the tip that she took up collections for with Pharrell’s hat. Celebrities in the audience put in $600 for the pizza guy, and Ellen threw in an extra $400 to make his tip a cool $1,000!

If you’re wondering what happened to Pharrell’s hat, it was auctioned off on eBay. It was bought for $44,100 by none other than fast food chain, Arby’s. Arby’s logo is a hat that looks remarkably like Pharrell’s own. According to Perez Hilton, Arby’s tweeted Pharrell that they were happy to have their hat back.


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