Wal Mart Thief Arrested For Stealing Pizza Rolls

Pepperoni Pilferer Packs Pizza In Purse

Last week, a woman in Arkansas was arrested in a Wal-Mart for putting 330 pizza rolls into a plastic bag in her purse. THREE HUNDRED THIRTY. The Pepperoni Pilferer told police she had friends coming to visit, didn’t have food to serve them, and that they suggested she take something from Wal-Mart. Good to know her friends are equally intelligent:). My brother used to be in Wal-Mart management and once stopped a woman… who’d put a rump-roast in her pants! Putting a rump roast in you pants tends to immediately put suspicious weight on you (not recommended). Try a T-bone instead! Nah… just kidding:).

What have you seen someone steal?



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