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She Mail: Wife Finds Another Woman’s Business Card In Husband’s Laundry

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Monica wrote:

So I have an issue with my BFF… We have been friends since elementary school. Both married, have kids, do mommy dates, etc. Well, last weekend another friends of ours had a housewarming party that we all attended, and my friend was flying solo as her hubby was out of town on business. The kids were at the sitter’s, and she dipped real deep into that wine bottle. By the end of night, she was hanging all over one of the single guy neighbors.

I tried to reel her in, only to be told to mind my business and that “When the cat’s away, it’s okay for the mouse to play.” I was appalled and mentioned something to my husband. He said it’s not our business. What do I do?

Carol writes:

Love SheMail and listen every Tuesday and Thursday. I never thought I would need it, but here we are.

Last week, I was cleaning the house. I found a small pile of my husband’s gym gear stashed away, not in the hamper but in his work bag. So thinking I was being a good wife, I took it out to wash for him, and as every woman does when she does laundry, I checked the pockets. There was a business card from some chick. Now, he is in pharmaceuticals and deals with a lot of women, but this particular card had a handwritten note that read, “Great chat. Let’s do it again soon… XOXO”

Do I address? Sit back and observe, or call the chick myself?

Tania writes:

Julie! Can you help? I am not a mean-spirited person, but there is a new hire that sits in the cube next to me. She has the worst breath ever. It’s really bad. It lingers without her even being in my cube talking. A lot of people at my office make fun of her, but I want to find a friendly way to help her. How do you approach someone and tell them they have dragon breath?

Here’s what Julie had to say about this morning’s She Mail questions.

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