What Your Kids Have Busted You For Having

Getting Busted By Your Kids 2-26-14

It’s no secret that Julie’s 9-year-old daughter Emma is no fan of Victoria’s Secret. She doesn’t like the big sexy posters in the mall, and she even got so upset that she wrote a blog about it. She’s right, though, the images are unnecessary for kids to see.

However, Julie gets coupons in the mail from Victoria’s Secret for free panties. They’re really good deals; you can get a whole set for $25! She hides the coupons in a drawer until she gets a chance to use them.

Emma found these coupons in the drawer and actually chased Julie down to confront her on the offending coupons. She even went so far as to get scissors and cut them up. Little did she know, they were expired, and Julie had the new coupons in her wallet. She still got her free undies.

Getting Busted By Your Kids Cont'd 2-26-14


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