The P.E. Games We Miss Most

What We Miss About PE 2-24-14

Of the classes in school that were the most fun, recess and P.E. were the best because they got you out of the classroom and away from the school books. Sure, P.E. meant you had to do exercise, but some of the games we played were fun.

This morning we chatted about the P.E. games that we miss the most now that we’re grown ups.

Julie loved playing with the parachute with the ball in the middle. There was the activity where all the kids would run under it and run back out again. She also had a PE teacher that taught all the kids how to do a dance called the Bus Stop.

Tony loved the game Red Rover. Looking back now, it was institutionalized clotheslining.

John mentioned a tiny scooter relay where kids would sit on this square sort of skateboard. They would push with their legs down to one end of the gym and back.

Here are some of the PE games that you told us that you miss the most.

What We Miss About P.E. Cont'd 2-24-14

What We Miss About P.E. More Cont'd 2-24-14


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