Viral Sochi Wolf Video Proves To Be Another Kimmel Hoax

Sochi Wolf 2-21-14

That Jimmy Kimmel! He really pulled the wool over our eyes on yet another awesome viral video.

Zap2It reported that US Olympic Luger Kate Hansen had posted a video of a wolf supposedly walking through the hallways of the Olympic dorms in Sochi. The Sochi Wolf video took off and went viral.

The 17-second video of a wolf walking down a hallway while the person filming hides behind a door garnered almost 2 million hits since it was posted on Wednesday. It even inspired the @SochiWolf parody Twitter account.

As it turns out, it was nothing but another elaborate and awesome web prank pulled by Jimmy Kimmel. He who brought us the viral Twerking Fail has done it again with the Sochi Wolf. He the video the next day, vaguely admitting to “crying wolf” with a real wolf.

Now, if you’re looking for a real Russian wolf problem, you’ve gotta check out this video of a pack of wolves running down a highway and scaring a police office into hopping in the backseat of a car he had pulled over for a traffic stop.

We’ve all had some crazy encounters with wild animals in our neighborhoods!

Julie heard secondhand that a research team had come to White Rock Lake to study why the coyotes were so huge. Apparently they are the size of deer?!

On the other hand, Tony says the coyotes in a field near his house are kind of scraggly. It might be the bobcats in the same field getting all the good food.

Sochi Wolf - Animals In Our Neighborhood 2-21-14


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