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She Mail: Woman Horrified By New Boyfriend’s Messy House

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Julie Fisk is here to help. If you’ve need advice or want us to hash out a problem on the air for you, let Julie share some of her wisdom. Check out the letters that we got this morning!

Jenna writes:

I recently started dating David and I like him a LOT. Things were progressing along and he invited me back to his house the other night for the first time.
I was really excited to go and had every intention of sleeping over… until I got there.
His place was such a wreck that I honestly was afraid to sit down or touch anything.
We kissed on the couch for a few minutes and then I got up to use the bathroom. When I went there, it was so disgusting that I almost had a panic attack.
I told him I came down with  horrible headache and had to leave and haven’t talked to him since that happened two days ago.
Do I tell him why I left or do I just move on with my life cut my losses?

David writes:

I’ve got a question for you, Julie. A person that I consider my friend has now become my boss. We are friends on Facebook, and now he’s starting to annoy me about stuff I post. Not that I post anything about work, but it seems like he has to make a comment on everything I do on Facebook.

Should I unfriend him from Facebook? What do you think I should do?

Remember, if you ever need help or just want us to hash out your problem on the air, contact us at: KVILShemail@gmail.com.

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