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Embarrassing Moments In Public You Wish You Could Erase

We’ve all had those moments in public when we wish we could disappear or go back in time to avert the potential mortification we feel after a particularly embarrassing moment. Tony witnessed someone’s embarrassing public moment on his flight to Cabo over the weekend.

After the debacle of getting on a flight, he sat down next to the window seat. The man sitting next to him eventually pulled out his iPad and switched it on. Whatever he had been watching before the flight started playing at full volume. The content was more suited for viewing at home, and the noises caused passengers to turn in shock as the man scrambled to mute his iPad. He kept trying to apologize to Tony throughout the whole flight, but Tony was like, it is what it is, man.

John went to high school in the area and his open, outdoor campus had construction going on during his time there. He was walking backwards through a courtyard talking to friends when he hit a barricade and fell into the mud. Without a change of clothes, he had to walk around the rest of the day half mud monster and explaining what happened every time someone asked.

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