Tales From The Worst Valentine’s Day Ever

Valentine’s Day gets so much hype that when it falls flat, it fails in a spectacular fashion. We wanted to hear your stories about how your Valentine’s Day was awful.

Stephanie came home on Valentine’s Day to find that her neighbor’s dog had gotten into the backyard. Not only that, the dog had broken into her 8-year-old daughter’s rabbit cage and had killed the rabbit. It’s body was discovered around the side of the house. She had her husband take care of the rabbit, but they had to break the news to her daughter.

Bad V-Day Stories 2-18-14

Kimberly’s husband bought her a vacuum cleaner on Valentine’s Day. Not the most romantic of gifts, but you can’t complain too much when it’s a $700 Dyson.

Bad V-Day Stories Cont'd 2-18-14


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