Katy Perry Sparks Engagement Rumors By Wearing Ring On Significant Finger

Katy Perry and her sweetheart John Mayer were spotted over the weekend out on the town on a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner. That’s not what has the gossip rags and tabloids all a-buzz is what she was wearing on a very significant finger.

The “Roar” singer had a ring on her left ring finger that had everyone asking if John Mayer had finally popped the question. E! Online posted pics of the couple out on their date.

Reps for the couple say that there is no engagement and they are very happy together. That makes sense considering Mayer’s track record for dating the most beautiful women in Hollywood.

Tony and John aren’t sure why a woman would wear a ring onĀ that finger. Julie revealed that she wore a ring on her left finger before her husband popped the question to try and push him in that direction. Check out what else we had to share about Katy and John this morning.

Katy Perry's Ring Finger 2-18-14


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