Fun Ideas To Do If You’re Single On Valentines Day

Single On Valentines Day 2-14-14

Valentines Day is all about love and being with a sweetheart, but it kind of sucks if you’re single. Rather than bitterly gripe in a corner about all the lovey-dovey mush flying through the air today, we found some great things for singles to do on Valentine’s Day from Cosmo!

  1. Gather the friends and hit the town. Go to a bar, go karaoke, hit the bowling alley, just go do something fun!
  2. Spend the night with your favorite celebrity crush. Fire up the Netflix, curl up on the couch, and drool over the eye candy!
  3. Organize a Secret Admirer Gift Exchange. It’s like Secret Santa, but it’s Secret Cupid.
  4. Since you’re saving money not spending it on a sweetheart, why don’t you splurge on yourself! Go to the spa, go shopping, take yourself out to dinner!
  5. Go out to dinner with a platonic friend and play a game to guess which couples at tables around you will make it.

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