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Damian Nordmann Explains Tony’s Dream About Pressurized Steam

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This morning, our resident dream expert, Damian Nordmann from the School of Metaphysics, came in to help us explain what our dream mean.

Julie’s sister is going through an ugly divorce. She recently had a dream where she is sitting on the curb on a couch that was in her husband’s office. Her dog Pogo, that recently died, appears and jumps up in her lap. Then it’s head falls off and the body begins to convulse. She starts screaming, and people around her start screaming.

Damian says: Animals in our dreams represent habits. A pet is a familiar habit, and it’s head coming off represents the old habits dying, changing, or growing. It’s an old way of thinking that is changing into something new.

Tony has a recurring element in his dreams. He’ll be doing something normal like grocery shopping or visiting with friends when a cloud of steam begins rolling in. It’s pressurized, and it feels like it’s sucking the air out of the room. Tony has to escape to get fresh air.

Damian says: Breath is our sense of desire and our ability to fulfill our desire, and water is our conscious life experience. The water steam is something permeating Tony’s experience throughout the day; there is more pressure is his life.

Check out what our listeners are dreaming and what Damian has to say about them!

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