Strange Things Found in the SkyMall Catalog

Flying can be a hectic and stressful experience. Hour long lay overs, maintenance crews working on the plane while you wait on the tarmac, or your luggage getting lost between flights are enough to make you pull your hair out. Any of these things could stop you from ever setting foot in an airport, let alone on a plane, again.

If that happened, though, you’d miss out on an opportunity to find some truly outlandish things for sale in the SkyMall Catalog.

Huff Post compiled a list of 13 wacky and unique items up for grabs if you feel like dropping the cash on them.

You can find things like wooden pet crate end tables, which are actually pretty sweet and, as a bonus, serve more than one purpose. You can also get your hands on the Biffy Butler Bidet Sprayer, Digital Accessory Caddy and Toilet Paper stand. If this thing had any more functions, we might have to consider it a form of artificial intelligence. And of course, you could purchase a mounted squirrel head, though we’re not sure how impressed your friends will be with your pint-sized trophy.

Get the full list right HERE.


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