North Texas Olympian Goes Viral After Bathroom Breakout

If you didn’t already know, North Texas has a native son in the Sochi Winter Olympics. Johnny Quinn from McKinney is on the 4-man bobsled team. He’s now pretty famous after a mishap that went viral on Twitter. We chatted with Quinn this morning about his bathroom breakout.

Johnny Quinn Bathroom Breakout 2-10-14

We’ve all seen the stories about the PR nightmare Sochi has been, but Johnny Quinn is lived it. He told us this morning that he had been taking a shower in his room. He had no towel, so he tried to open the door to go get one. The door wouldn’t open. He checked to make sure it wasn’t locked, and then he realized the door was hopelessly jammed. No phone, no towel, and trapped in the bathroom.  His roommate was out of the room weightlifting in the gym. He began banging on walls and pipes trying to create a ruckus that would draw out some of people from neighboring rooms to no avail.

He tried banging on the door again when it cracked. He wheeled back and hit it again, and that’s when his fist went through. He pulled the door apart until he could get himself out.

Quinn’s story has since been retweeted 27,000 times according to the Dallas Observer. The University of North Texas alumni has given door smashing how-tos on CNN and Good Morning America.

You can catch Johnny Quinn in action with his team mates February 22nd-24th during the bobsled competitions.

Oddly enough, after chatting with us, Johnny Quinn and his friends got stuck in the elevator.


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