Two Restaurants Offer Unusual Valentines Date Alternatives

Looking for a place to take your special someone for dinner on Valentines Day? We found a couple of strange options that might save you a few bucks.

A McDonald’s in Southport, North Carolina is offering a candlelit dinner with “musical selections by Ron,” according to The Consumerist. On Valentines Day, couples can enjoy a quick and cheap candlelit dinner from 6PM to 8PM. No word on if any McDonald’s in North Texas will be holding similar events.

PR Newswire reports that Waffle House will also be taking reservations for candlelit dinners on Valentines Day. Fans and regulars will be treated to white tablecloths, candles, and the always charming wait staff at their favorite Waffle House restaurant on Valentines Day.

While these options might not be the best idea to spring on your special one without a little forewarning, it’s definitely worth it if you both have a sense of humor about the romantic holiday.



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