Julie Is In Trouble With Her Husband For Her Alex Pettyfer Picture

Julie is in a bit of hot water for a picture with a hot celebrity. Her husband stumbled across the picture she took with Alex Pettyfer yesterday and has been giving her non-stop grief ever since.

She was in the middle of trying to get their daughters put to bed while her husband was scrolling through Facebook in the kitchen. She said something about having been busy all day at work, and that was when Dave quipped, “Doing what? Sitting in hot guys laps?”

To be fair, she wasn’t really sitting in Alex’s lap. He did pull her close for their picture together.

Listen to what Tony, John, and Steve think Dave should be allowed to do.

Julie In Trouble For Celebrity Pic 2-7-14

Here’s the full picture that Julie is in hot water for!

Julie snuggles with Alex Pettyfer

Julie snuggles with Alex Pettyfer


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