Joe Namath’s Coat Draws A Ton Of Attention During Coin Toss

Joe Namath's Coat 2-3-14

Of the many memorable moments from last night’s Big Game, Joe Namath’s fur coat drew a lot of attention to the NFL Hall-of-famer. It definitely was a distraction during the coin toss.

The fur coat went viral over social media. Comparisons to the IKEA monkey’s coat inspired some giggles. Of course, there is the standard uproar from activists about the faux pas of wearing real fur. One astute observer noted that he had previously donned the same coat 40 years ago. has a great list of Tweets about Joe Namath’s coat.

There were some that hoped it would be revealed that the coat was made of pantyhose. The reference points back to commercials Namath appeared. Check out this retro commercial!



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