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She Mail: Man Worried About Why Fiancé Won’t Wear Ring

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Dear Julie,
I proposed to my girlfriend over the holidays and she said yes, but now she doesn’t want to wear her engagement ring. She says it’s because it’s too nice and she’s scared to wear it out, but all women wear their engagement rings! I’m nervous that there’s a deeper issue and she’s not 100% sure about it. What do you think?”
Ring Bearer Blues

Dear Ring Bearer Blues,

We went on the air with this and our callers made several good points about your problem. Is it possible that she has already lost the ring? Is she making other wedding plans? Has she told her friends and family? If she is doing OTHER things for with the wedding then maybe she really IS just worried about wearing a nice ring. If that’s the case, find an inexpensive ring that she won’t mind wearing. If she ISN’T making plans then maybe she isn’t quite ready. Regardless of the answer, you need to have an open and honest conversation with your fiancé to find out what’s going on. Most women DO wear their engagement rings so there is a real chance that something else is going on.

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