Preview Of Commercials Set To Air During The Big Game

Big Game Commercials Preview 1-30-14

Almost as anticipated as the Big Game itself are the commercials set to air during the game. Even people who care nothing about sports have Big Game watching parties just to watch the commercials. We took a look at some of the commercials you can expect to see this Sunday.

Volkswagen hit it big a couple of years ago with the little Darth Vader. This year, VW is handing out wings to its engineers. A dad tells his daughter that every time a VW hits 100,000 miles, an engineer gets his wings. Cut to engineers sprouting wings around the VW factory.

Budweiser’s Big Game commercial will tug on the heart strings. An adorable puppy up for adoption breaks loose and befriends one of the famous Clydesdale horses. He is found and returned, but time and again, the puppy comes back. With “Let Her Go” by Passenger playing in the background, you’re going to want a tissue.

In the weird category, Doritos has a strange one in store. Frankly, we’re still scratching our heads.

Here’s a bonus palette cleanser. Jaguar has called in some British actors to address why movie villains are always British. With eye candy Tom Hiddleston, Mark Strong, and the legendary Ben Kingsley, this is one to keep an look out for during the Big Game!


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