Secret Things We Do At Home Alone

Secret Home Alone Behavior 1-29-14

Unless you actually live alone, we don’t often have the chance to have the house all to ourselves. An empty house is like a ticket to freedom, and during those moments, we can be as unrestrained as we want to be.

A blogger for the young women’s website Hello Giggles recently posted a list that single women had submitted to her of their secret home alone behaviors. Some of the highlights include:

  • Doing squats and leg lifts while brushing their teeth.
  • Eating an entire fudge cake while watching romantic comedies.
  • Doing the dishes wearing high heels and nothing else.

We had to share some of our secret home alone behaviors after hearing this!

Secret Home Alone Behavior Cont'd 1-29-14

Julie loves to play Just Dance by herself. The game has a 40 minute fitness setting. She just turns it on and busts a move without worry of beating her kids with her awesome dance skills.

Tony grabs a hair brush and pretends it’s a microphone. He’ll jam while he’s getting out of the shower. He also admits to skinny dipping in his backyard pool when the weather is warm.

John watches chick flicks and reality TV when he’s by himself. He’ll flip the channel as soon as someone walks in the door.


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