Our Worst Ever Foot-In-Mouth Moments

Foot In Mouth Moments 1-27-14

We all have had those moments when the words come flying out of our mouths before the brakes can be applied. Tony’s flight attendant friend revealed an embarrassing moment that inspired us to share our own embarrassing stories.

Tony’s friend was working a flight on a small regional carrier on the West Coast. A passenger in the front of the plane needed two seats to accommodate her size. All the window shades were open while the flight attendant was doing her final check. The sun was streaming in and glinted in such a way that it appeared the woman had something sitting on her lap. The flight attendant didn’t walk over but asked if she could put what she thought was a bag in the overhead bin. The woman looked at her funny, so the flight attendant walked over to ask again. When she did get over to the passenger, she realized that the woman’s shirt had ridden up and the sun was reflecting off of her belly. Nothing could alleviate the horror and embarrassment the flight attendant felt, and she offered the woman anything she wanted for the duration of the flight.

Foot In Mouth Moments Cont'd 1-27-14


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