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She Mail: Woman Wants Kids Of Her Own Despite Boyfriend’s Vasectomy

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Dear Julie,
Hi Julie! I’m a long a time listener, and love your show! I listen to y’all every morning while driving to work! :) Anyway, I have a problem and I was hoping you could give me some good advice.
I’ve moved in with my boyfriend of three years and we’re thinking about getting married. I’m 25 and I want to have kids. The thing is – my boyfriend cannot have kids because he has had a vasectomy 7 years ago. He is 34 now and already has three kids from a previous marriage. A vasectomy reversal is out of question because it has been so long and the chances of success are low, and besides he already implied that he doesn’t even want to try that.
I love the idea of eventually adopting a child but I really want to get pregnant and go through the whole process of having a baby.
So, I need your help! I love my boyfriend and I honestly don’t know what to do.
Miss Vasectomy Regrets-for-Me

Dear Miss Vasectomy Regrets-for-Me,

You have some big decisions to make, my dear. The desire to have children of your own doesn’t usually go away and in fact, INCREASES as you get older. If you want children now, odds are you’ll want them even more in 10 years. You love your boyfriend so you need to be completely honest with him about your desire for children. You also need to decide if he is worth that large of a sacrifice. He has children of his own, so he already knows what he’s asking you to give up. Hopefully he will be willing to at least discuss your options. If he isn’t, then it’s time for some serious soul-searching. Hope that helps!

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