DFW Food You Would Miss

Dallas Food You'd Miss If You Moved 6-4-13

One of Tony’s friends recently moved from San Diego to North Texas. When his friend ask if there was anything Tony wanted him to bring, Tony didn’t hesitate to ask for his favorite Mexican candies that are so easy to find in Southern California. This morning, we shared the foods we would miss the most if we ever moved away from North Texas.

Julie would miss the Village Baking Company on University. They have the most amazing pastries! Croisants with chocolate and all sorts of unpronounceable French goodies that are mind blowingly awesome! She would also miss Big Shucks and their fried oysters. This is the place her family always wants to go whenever they’re in town.

Because Tony loves Mexican food so much, he would miss Joe T. Garcia’s in Fort Worth. When the weather is good, he makes 2-3 trips a month just to go sit on the patio and sip on margaritas. He also loves BBQ, and he would miss places like Pecan Lodge and Hard 8.

John would miss Reata’s in Fort Worth. They have a bone-in ribeye steak served with cowboy butter that is mouth-wateringly delicious.



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