Peter Pan Proposes To Wendy Darling

Ah, it’s love…

Peter Pan (played by Sandor Sturbl) as a part of the “Never Ending Story” Broadway World Tour, ends the show in Scotland much differently than every other show they had done before.

“So, ladies and gentlemen, normally this show would continue with Peter Pan watching Wendy and giving her a kiss,” Sturbl, 28, says as the production comes to a halt. “Although this is not a normal show this evening. It’s not Peter Pan looking at Wendy.”

Sturbl mentions that  he has been dating co-star, Jane Mary Sullivan, 22, for the past two years. Sullivan, who is from Glasgow; had family in attendance.

“This is not a normal show,” he said. “This is the perfect moment, the perfect place.”

Sturbl then stuns the audience as he gets down on one knee to ask her to marry him. Sullivan, covered in tears, says yes, and the crowd roars in gratification!

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