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Dream Expert Damian Nordmann Interprets Crazy Dreams For Zazza & Julie

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It’s a good thing our dream expert Damian Nordmann from the School of Metaphysics was coming in this morning. Tony had a really strange dream last night. Damian helped us sort out what are dreams are trying to telling us.

Tony had a very weird dream last night. It should be prefaced with the fact that January 11th is a sort of black day in his family; it’s the day his paternal grandfather passed away, the day his mom served divorce papers to his dad, and the day Grandma Annabel passed. Grandma Annabel was in Tony’s dream last night, and she was teaching him how to levitate. There she was standing there with a cigarette looking as she always did. Tony was learning how to levitate, and he was floating in control of it.

Damian says: Grandmothers as well as other authority figures (e.g. mother, father, teacher, or boss) represent your superconscious mind, which is the part of the mind that knows what is best for you. Grandma Annabel was teaching Tony in his dream, and that shows he was accessing higher knowledge. Levitation is conquering a limitation, and floating is a step towards flying. Flying means freedom.

Julie had a really stressful day yesterday which infiltrated its way into her dreams last night. She was driving around in the car with her daughter Emma. It was strange because she rarely only has just one of her daughters in the car; she usually has both if she has any. It was really windy outside like it was a really bad storm. She pulled the car over to calm down Emma who was screaming. That was when the car lifted up and started spinning. Julie knew she was in a tornado, and she was thinking that it would either set them down or kill them. The pressure was so intense that she knew they were going to die. She was waiting for the tornado to kill them when she woke up.

Damian says: Wind represents our thoughts. Julie’s thoughts are getting out of control and not being directed. Cars represent our physical bodies. The stress of the out of control thoughts is beginning to affect her health. Seeing her daughter is symbolic of a developing aspect of yourself that you don’t want to lose.

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