Tips To Survive Flu Season

Flu Tips 1-10-14

Flu season is upon us, and we’re already hearing about people who have lost their lives from complications related to severe cases of the flu. This morning, we covered tips on how to keep healthy and keep from spreading the flu virus.

First of all, if you haven’t already, go get your flu shot. With flu season upon us, getting the flu shot is your first line of defense in preventing the more serious complications associated with the flu. Flu shots are available from many places including your doctor’s office, grocery store pharmacies, and your local CVS or Walgreens.

Of course, washing your hands frequently is a great secondary preventative step. According to the LA Times, the CDC estimates that 80% of infectious diseases are transmitted by hands! With the prevalent tradition of shaking hands, the CDC is recommending Americans embrace the fist bump. They have even created an educational video on how to properly fist bump.

Children’s Hospital also released a few tips to parents on how to handle kids sick with the flu. One of the important things to remember is don’t bring your children to the ER unless it’s an actual emergency.

Flu Tips Cont'd 1-10-14


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