What We Learned From Music

What Music Has Taught Us 1-9-14

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen recently revealed, during her appearance on Jimmy Fallon, that she learned English by listening to music. That got us thinking about what we have learned from the music we grew up listening to.

Julie has learned a LOT from music!

  • You can be revved up like a deuce. Manfred Mann’s Earth Band sings about a revving car in their song “Blinded By The Light.”
  • Bad is good. Thanks, Michael Jackson.
  • A little diddy is a song or story according to John Mellancamp.
  • Katy Perry taught us that black out drunk is cute.
  • According to The Knack, Sharona is a girl’s name.
  • Julie also now knows what a whiffle ball bat is thanks to the Beastie Boys.

Tony learned a couple of things from music. First, he learned how to dip from the artist Freak Nasty. He is also now a geography master thanks to Pitbull’s music.

John learned that milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard from Kellis. This is why he couldn’t resist the girl next door’s milkshakes. It all makes sense now.

What Music Has Taught Us Cont'd 1-9-14


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