Dieting? You’re Probably Doing It Wrong.

I am completely open about this fact, my body is not yet where I want it to be. I started 2013 at 240 lbs, and finished the year at 210 lbs. Not too shabby right? Well I did it by being consistent, a lot of fad diets are not going to help you lose weight, and if they do, you WILL (no question) put the weight back on almost as fast as you took it off.

There are several diets that are “so hot right now” that are a total joke. For example, the “I’ll do nothing but drink juice for a day” diet…total fail. Check out this awesome article from Huffington Post that breaks this and two other fad diets down to science. A must read!

The fact is, taking in slightly less calories than you burn, and exercise are the ONLY ways to take the weight off for good. Trust me, I am living proof. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2014!


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