VIDEO: 12-Year-Old Kid Raps Onstage With Jay-Z

Jay-Z Raps With 12-yr-old 1-7-14

As kids, going to a concert was a big deal. Our idols were there living and breathing onstage just beyond our reach, and we all dream of being pulled onstage to hang out with the band.

One 12-year-old boy got his wish at a recent Jay-Z concert in Greensboro, NC. The boy from Maryland held up a sign during the concert that read, “Can I rap with you?” Jay-Z saw the sign and honored the boy’s wish, according to E! Online.

It reminded us of concerts that we’ve gone to in our youth and meeting our idols. We shared a couple of cool stories this morning.

Julie shared that she was at a music festival in Greenboro, NC with a friend. They saw Danny Elfman from Oingo Boingo standing in the crowd watching another band. Julie and her friend ran up to Elfman, and he took them around backstage to meet the other bands. They got to stand front row during Oingo Boingo’s next set that day.

Tony was a Green Day concert at the old Bronco Bowl in Oak Cliff. Billy Joe asked the crowd how many kids were in garage bands. They pulled 3 kids onstage to take their instruments and jam out to a Green Day song.


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