Quit Driving Into Our House

Ok, drive your car into my house once…shame on you.

Drive your car into my house eleven times…shame on me. Maybe we should move!

Meet the McCall’s who, according to The Frisky, refuse to move even though people keep driving through their house.

It’s happened a total of eleven times in the last thirty years.

The couples house sits near a railroad track, and when people speed over the tracks they lose control of their cars. Which sends them right at the McCall residence.

Over the past 30 years cars have hit the house, the pole, the hydrant, and the couple’s front porch. One of the accidents was even a fatal one.

The couple has tried unsuccessfully to get the city to install a stop sign before the tracks.

“I thought eventually, I don’t know. It’s just awful that it continues to happen…” said Tim McCall.

If you look on the bright side the couple has revived a free remodel every 2.7 years.


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