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Giving The Gift That Is Really For Yourself

On an episode of The Simpsons, Homer gave Marge a bowling ball as a gift that was really for him to use. We’ve all given the gift to someone that is really for ourselves. We shared the Homer Simpson gifts we gave and received over the holidays.

Julie’s husband gave her a stocking stuffer that was really for himself. Julie has to preface this with the fact that Dave spoils Julie with awesome stuff, but the jalapeno-flavored almonds in her stocking were really his gift to himself. He even opened the bag and started eating them while presents were still being unwrapped. The other day, when Julie went to eat some, Dave threw some shade about her eating her own gift.

However, Julie and her husband got an X-Box One for the girls. For themselves, they bought Call Of Duty.

Tony gave a Homer Simpson gift in the form of a pair of flight passes for the iFlight Indoor Skydiving up in Frisco. They came as gift cards, so he put one in the envelope as the gift and the other in his wallet as insurance that he’ll get to go. He also got a GoPro camera to use for the show, but it’s also for when he takes his trip to Australia.

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