Leigh Ann’s Resolution: No Resolutions

Seriously, who made this up? I hate New Year resolutions. Every year I make one, and every year I never do it. It’s the pressure. Too much pressure.

Has anyone ever made a New Year resolution and really stuck to it? If so, I have to know about it.

Am I alone? Please tell me I’m not alone!

This year, I decided not to make one. Sure, I’d like to lose a few pounds, work out, and spend less money, your typical resolutions. Have you noticed how every TV commercial and sales circular is geared toward this? Workout equipment goes on sale. Gym memberships shoot through the roof.

I bought a treadmill last January, and a year later, I still  have not used it. But, boy did I get a great deal on it.

So this year… no resolution for me.¬† Nope! I know me. I’m not going to suddenly become a healthy eating, exercise loving, and thrifty girl because it’s a new year.

I’m just going to be me…again!

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