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Zazza & Julie Recap 12-24-13

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Merry Christmas Eve!! Can you believe it’s Christmas tomorrow! Here is what we chatted about this morning!

Women Drivers Are More Rude Than Men

Study finds that women are more likely to be rude drivers than men.

Research Team Claims To Have Proof Of Bigfoot’s Existence

A North Texas group claims to have definitive proof that Bigfoot is real!

She Mail: Husband’s Ex-Wife Wants To Tag Along On Family Vacation

Julie gave advice to a woman whose husband’s ex-wife wants to tag along on a family vacation.

Activities We Signed Up For As Kids And Totally Failed

We all had some sort of activities we did as kids, and we all had that one activity that we totally failed at. We shared our stories of epic activity failure this morning.

Bad Uncle Tony Teaches Niece How To Twerk

Tony is a bad uncle. He taught his 5-year-old niece how to twerk.

Our Go-To Feel-Good Movies

We shared the movies we go to when we need a pick-me-up.

Disturbing Christmas Traditions

Have you ever really thought about how creepy some Christmas traditions really are?



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