Tyrannosaurus Rex And Other Random Christmas Decorations

Random Xmas Decor 12-18-13

Last night during John’s Christmas lights tour of neighborhoods, he came across something in one yard that had him completely geeking out in his car with his whole family. The decoration was a Tyrannosaurus Rex holding a Christmas gift.

We shared some of the more random Christmas decorations that we’ve come across that really stick out as not very Christmasy.

Tony doesn’t understand the pickles on the Christmas tree. John explained that the tradition pre-dates the Elf on the Shelf. It’s a German tradition where the pickle is moved each night and the kids in the house have to find the pickle on the Christmas tree.

Julie has a Christma giraffe that lights up and wears a Santa hat. It was her favorite Christmas decoration, but her husband wasn’t too thrilled about him. Unfortunately, Christmas Giraffe was tragically injured last year and had to be put to the curb.

Random Xmas Decor Cont'd 12-18-13


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