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John’s Top 10 Just Plain Awesome Gifts

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John and his "headphones" John Anderson
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Need to buy a gift so somebody in your life that is just plain awesome? Well John Andersen has you covered.

Here is his lists of gifts that are just plain awesome:

1. I-paper-pad

  • Is your 6 year old asking for an iPad, I got you covered the I-paper-pad.

2. Circular Saw Pizza Cutter

  • Cause the man in your life need’s to feel like a man while cutting your pizza! Oh and did  I mention it’s only $12

3. Manly Man Beanie 

  • Ever felt manly wearing a Beanie? If not this is for you, think the movie 300 meets No Shave November. Your son, or husband with a sense of humor needs one, trust me.

4. Women’s Dallas Cowboys gear

  • Ladies if you’re a cowboys fan you will love this, guys if you’re a cowboys fan she will love it. It’s a win win!

5. Coolest Nail Polish Ever

  • Does the women in your life love doing their own nails? Check this out they will have all the lady friends talking

6. DIY Christmas Gifts

  • Are you in a pinch for Christmas? Or maybe your just a DIY’er check out this website, it’s full of cheap fun do it yourself Christmas gifts.

7. Flask Charger

  • Is there the person in your family who’s phone always dies. Not anymore, sorry this doesn’t hold a beverage but it will charge up to 3 devices at the same time.

8. Awesome T Shirts

  • Nothing says I love you like a funny T-shirt, and this site usually has killer specials.9.

9. Fly Swatter Gun

  • Yes, you read that right, a fly swatter gun. Look out flies, this just got fun.

10. Public Toilet Survival Kit

  • Do you have a family member who is a germ freak like Tony Zazza? Give them this, they will never be afraid of a public toilet again
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