Best Gifts For The Couch Potato

51091115 Best Gifts For The Couch Potato

(Photo By David Mcnew/Getty Images)

Do you need to get a gift for someone who spends as much time at their job as they do watching TV? Or maybe even more. Do they have every season of Two Guys A Girl and a Pizza Place on DVD and you just can’t figure out what you can get them?

1. Beer hats – So you can drink with ease without ever leaving the couch.

2. The Popinator – hands free popcorn…yes please! That way you never have to take your eyes off the TV.

3. Extension Arm – You never know when you’ll need to reach for something and heaven forbid you get up off the couch right? Let’s say you lose the remote. Good thing you have your handy claw, now you can reach the TV to change the channel!!!

4. Giant Remote – you’ll never lose it and because it’s cool!

5. The Snuggie – It’s the blanket with sleeves!!! Easier use of the remote control…warmth…comfort…the list goes on and on with this amazing product.

6. The Slanket – Also a blanket with sleeves. Not as good as the the Snuggie, but cheaper. It’ll do in a pinch.

7. Snuggies for Pets – Because your animals should be just as lazy as you are!!!

8. Girlfriend Body Pillow – Sometimes you just don’t want to watch TV alone.


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