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She Mail: Enthusiastic Mom Told To Stay Away From Son’s Playoff Football Games

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Dear Julie,
I’ve been catching flack from the other parents on my son’s football team because I yell all through the games. I see it as encouragement and guidance from the stands but I guess it annoys the other parents. Well recently, my kid caught an interception and scored a touchdown at the ONE game I wasn’t able to attend, so now he thinks I’m a jinx & doesn’t want me at his games. Now he’s in the playoffs and the pressure on him is unbelievable. I told him that something came up and I won’t be able to make it to his next game & he was visibly relieved. BUT is it wrong for me to go anyway? I could go & secretly watch from behind the concession stands but I feel weird about it.
What do you guys think?
Where’s my Scholarship Mama

Dear Where’s my Scholarship Mama,

We all agree that you need to stay away from his games for the rest of the season. Discuss this with your son & see how he feels about it but if he honestly feels like you’re a jinx & he plays poorly, he might blame you. If you SAY you’re not going, you HAVE to stay away. If you went & they lost, he would be blame you if he found out. We all know that jinxes are silly but if they affect how we FEEL about something, they can affect the outcome. Sorry Mama, because we know you don’t want to miss that game!

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